The Children’s Rights Alliance unites over 100 members working together to make Ireland one of the best places in the world to be a child. We change the lives of all children in Ireland by educating and promoting awareness of children’s rights.

Parliamentary Debate on Children's Rights

(05 March 2015) Willie O'Dea (Limerick City, Fianna Fail) To ask the Minister for Social Protection her views that the F grade for the Government in the area of child poverty in the 2015 Report Card of the Children's Rights Alliance is a fair assessment; ...

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23 May 2015 RT @BeLonG_To: #BeLonGToYES statement: “A new generation has spoken, with open, kind hearts...." #MarRef
23 May 2015 RT @BeLonG_To: And it's official! 1.2m people voted YES for equality and they've changed forever what it means to grow LGBT in Ireland #Mar
23 May 2015 RT @BeLonG_To: Via the ballot box we've told gay children in IRL & across the world they're loved, cared for & don't need to change #MarRef