The Children’s Rights Alliance unites over 100 members working together to make Ireland one of the best places in the world to be a child. We change the lives of all children in Ireland by making sure that their rights are respected and protected in our laws, policies and services.

The Children's Rights Alliance launched A Guide to Children’s EU Rights in Ireland. This short volume explains to children and those who work with children what EU rights they have and how they would go about vindicating those rights

Parliamentary Debate on Children's Rights

(8 Jul 2014) Charlie McConalogue (Donegal North East, Fianna Fail) To ask the Minister for Education and Skills if he will be accepting and implementing the recent recommendations of the National Council for Special Education for a new model of allocating teaching resources ...

Read our Oireachtas Monitor, a weekly synopsis of Dáil and Seanad debate on children's rights and policies impacting on children.


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01 Sep 2014 Geoffre Shannon says #ECHR #Okeefe decision could have implications re. school liability for bulying #cyberbullying