Join Our Team

The Alliance is recruiting three new positions to join its growing team.

Information and Legal Support Officer

The Information and Legal Support Officer will support service users and assist in the overall delivery of the Alliance legal and information strategy on children and young people’s legal entitlements. Deadline for applications: 23 August 2021 at 5pm. See job specifcation here.

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant will be responsible for supporting the effective running of the office and providing administrative support. Deadline for applications, Thursday, 26 August 2021 at 5pm. See job specification here.

Finance Officer

The Finance Officer will be responsible for the integrity and accuracy of financial reporting and financial information. Deadline for applications, Thursday, 26 August 2021 at 5pm. See job specification here

Telephone queries to Tanya Ward, CEO, Mobile: 087 653 1069.


Online Safety Campaign

As part of our new campaign on online safety, the Children’s Rights Alliance want to commission researchers to produce up-to-date evidence on the importance of the issue to the general public through the use of public/national polling.

The Children’s Rights Alliance therefore invites submissions to tender to conduct this public polling research. The researcher(s) will work directly with the Children’s Rights Alliance to co-design the methodology and questions, conduct the research and the data analysis as well as promote the findings through a public launch. The findings will inform campaign activities, messaging and engagement with key stakeholders in the children and youth sector as well as policy makers and legislators.

Research is required to assess the extent to which the public consider online safety a national issue and a political priority and to assess the level of support for potential solutions. The findings will enable the campaign to demonstrate support for its key objectives and direct messaging and activities accordingly to ensure the key legislative changes and political commitments needed are delivered over the course of its run. 

How to apply
Tenders should be submitted to Tanya Ward, Chief Executive of the Children’s Rights Alliance by close of business, Monday 2 August 2021. For further information, please contact Tanya directly on 087 6531069. 

See full details here.

Website Development Services

We are looking to hire a website development service that can improve our website's design, functionality and ability to market the organisation to our target audiences.

We are in the process of updating our strategic plan, and we have identified the need to update our website so that it aligns with our ambitions for the coming years, and adequately demonstrates the impact we make as an organisation. We want a brand-new website that can offer new ways to communicate who we are, and what we do, while offering an intuitive system for our members and other stakeholders to easily find what they are looking for: be they our services, resources or information on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). 

How to apply
Tenders should be submitted to by close of business, Wednesday 11 August 2021. For further information, please contact Carys Mair Thomas: or +353 1 8605574.

See full details here