Childhood Development Initiative

The Childhood Development Initiative 

CDI began its work in late 2003 in order to develop a solutions-based 10 year strategy to improve the health, safety and learning of the children of the area and to increase their sense of belonging to their community. Support for the work has been drawn from the children, parents and community members in Tallaght West along with statutory and community-based providers, regional agencies, national institutions and experts.

Childhood Development Initiative is an innovative, community based response to a comprehensive consultation process undertaken in Tallaght West. Working with a wide range of locally established service providers CDI is delivering services to children and families which meet identified needs. Each of these is being rigorously evaluated, and considerable attention is being given to quality assurance, promotion of reflective practice, and professional training and support. 

Childhood Development Initiative
St Mark's Youth and Family Centre 
Cookstown Lane
Dublin 24
Tel: +353 1 4940030



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