Migrant Rights Centre Ireland

MRCI is the leading national community organisation working with migrants in Ireland. MRCI works at the intersection of immigration and employment policy and legislation. It is concerned with the inclusion and active participation of migrant workers employed in less- regulated low/minimum –wage work and at risk of poor and exploitative working conditions (e.g. in care work and restaurants). We reach out to and support migrants who have been trafficked for labour exploitation, those who are undocumented or at risk of becoming so, non- economically active and underemployed migrants. MRCI approach combines front-line services – information provision, access to rights and entitlements, strategic case work, with building the participation and leadership of migrants through action and campaign groups. Our community work approach build relationships with migrants coming through our service to support their integration and active participation in projects, activities, advocacy, campaigns and policy change.

Migrant Rights Centre Ireland
37 Dame Street
Dublin 2
Tel: 01 8897570
Email: hilary@mrci.ie

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