Special Needs Parents Association

The Special Needs Parents Association exists to support all parents with special needs and disabilities irrespective of age or diagnosis, by promoting on a national level, improved treatment, education, welfare and acceptance for our children. The Special Needs Parents Association does not seek to compete with local groups, but to help point parents in the right direction who may be looking for a local group or service and to provide parent support in areas where there is none. The Association has a network of Parent Liaisons offering local groups and services.  If there is no support group in your area the Association can help you to get one started by promoting it online for you. On a national level the Association aims to represent parents who feel strongly about their children's access to the Irish education system as well as to society in general.
Special Needs Parents Association
Carmichael House,
PO BOX 46,
North Brunswick Street,
Dublin 7
Tel: +353 87 7441917/ 087 0986019