A Guide to Children's EU Rights in Ireland

With the assistance of the Department of the Taoiseach Communicating Europe Initiative, and the European Commission in Ireland, the Children’s Rights Alliance seeks to  highlight the benefits of the EU for children, encouraging people living in Ireland to view the EU as an important avenue of social change for children.

On 13 December 2013, the Children's Rights Alliance hosted a seminar  to mark the launch of A Guide to Children’s EU Rights in Ireland.  This short volume explains to children and those who work with children what EU rights they have and how they would go about vindicating those rights. The seminar  brought together experts in children’s rights as well as equality law, immigration law, data protection and family law proceedings in the EU context.

Speakers at the seminar included Geoffrey Shannon, Special Rapporteur on Child Protection; Hilkka Becker, Senior Solicitor, Immigrant Council of Ireland; Natalie McDonnell, Barrister; and Tanya Ward, CEO of the Children's Rights Alliance (Photo: Maxwell Photography).

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Speakers' presentations: