Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights Guide

Do you want information on what rights and entitlements children have in Ireland? Do you need information on where to go when those rights and entitlements are not respected? 
The Children’s Rights Alliance has produced a guide on children’s rights and entitlements in plain language.


The full report can be read here:

You can also get information on your rights across a range of topics that are relevant to children and young people in Ireland:


Know Your Rights: A Guide to Children's European Rights to Online Privacy and Safety

The Children's Rights Alliance, with assistance from the Communicating Europe Initiative of the Department of Foreign affairs, developed a guide for young people specifically on their European rights to online privacy and safety. 

You can download the full guide here



Need legal information for a child, young person or family you are working with?

The Children’s Rights Alliance has a helpline for children, young people and their families or people who are working with them to access legal information.
Our Helpline is open Monday 10am -4pm, Wednesday 10am -4pm and Friday 10am - 12 noon.
You can call us on 01 9020494 or if you prefer to email:
We provide basic legal information for free and would be glad to help!


Reporting a child protection and welfare concern

If you have a child protection or welfare concern, please contact Tusla (the Child and Family Agency) directly. They have information for organisations/individuals working with children and for parents/guardians.
If a child is in danger outside office hours you can contact the Gardaí.


Know Your Rights: Education - Guide to Reduced Timetables

When a child is on a reduced timetable, the school and its Board of Management must follow the guidelines published by the Department of Education. The guidelines are called “The Use of Reduced School days” and can be found here. Our guide is a summary of the Guidelines.

Guide to Reduced Timetables