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Special Edition: Children's Referendum!

Contents: Child Deaths Report; Child and Family Support Agency; Children’s Referendum; Member Focus: The Ark; Alliance AGM; Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Bill; Children First Bill; National Children’s Strateg

Contents: Message from our Chief Executive; Members’ Meeting on the Children’s Rights Referendum; Member Focus — Youth Advocate Programme (YAP) Ireland; News in Brief; UNCRC Optional Protocol — a Communications Procedure; Report Card 2012; Female Genital Mutilation Bill; Government to End Detention of Children in St Patrick’s; The Courts — Recent Judgment; Universal Periodic Review — Update; National Children’s Strategy — Update; The Constitutional Convention; Fianna Fáil & Fine Gael Ard Fheiseanna; St Patrick’s Day in the Áras.

Contents: Messages from Outgoing Chief Exceutive and Alliance Chair; Member Focus: Enable Ireland; HIQA Standards; News in Brief; Know Your Rights Booklet; UNCRC Optional Protocol; TDs and Senators' Pledge Wall; ISSU/CRAE in Budapest; Ireland's Universal Periodic Review; Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People: Dun Laoghaire Refugee Project; Budget 2012: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Contents: Statutory Footing for Child Protection; Members’ Roundtable Discussion on the Constitution; Member Focus: Rape Crisis Network Ireland; Ryan — Second Progress Report; News in Brief; Alliance Pre-Budget Submission; Stop Sex Trafficking Campaign; National Children’s Day; New UNCRC Optional Protocol: A Communications Procedure; EESC and Child Sexual Abuse Database; Merriman Summer School; Latest Podcast — Dun Laoghaire Refugee Project; Council of Europe — Strategy on the Rights of the Child; TV Ban for Junk Food?

Contents: Jillian in the Seanad; AGM 2011; Member Focus: Dun Laoghaire Refugee Project; Female Genital Mutilation Bill; News in Brief; Patronage Forum; Death of Brian Lenihan; Stop Sex Trafficking Campaign Budget Factsheet; Special Rapporteur Report; UPR & UNCAT; Ryan Report Oversight Group; HIQA Advisory Group

Contents: New Department of Children; Report Card 2011 Launch; Member Focus: Focus Ireland; Stop Child Sex Trafficking Campaign; News in Brief; Census 2011; Child Detention Reports; General Election 2011; National Children’s Strategy Ten Years On; Comhlámh Debate: Child Trafficking; EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child; Your World,Your Say Podcast; Update on UN Instruments.

Children's Rights in 2010; young people and international decision-making; mental health coalition; A & B case report; Podcast - Dr Patrick Randall (NOTA); Budget 2011 Analysis; Ireland and the Universal Periodic Review; Children and the Media

Contents: The Convention at 21: Our Birthday Wish List: Children’s Rights Referendum, Ireland’ s Report to the UN Committee on The Rights of the Child, Optional Protocol on the Sale of Children, The UNCRC and International Progress; Alliance members support Children’s Rights referendum; Children's Rights milestones since Ireland's ratification of the UNCRC; New book for children - Ding Dong, Right or Wrong? Children’s Rights, Needs and Visions for the Future.