Alliance Calls for Yes Vote on National Children’s Day

Published date: 
28 Sep 2012

Thursday 27 September 2012: For Immediate Release

In celebrating National Children’s Day 2012, the Children’s Rights Alliance today calls for a ‘Yes’ vote in the Children’s Referendum, which will take place on Saturday 10 November 2012.  National Children’s Day marks the 20th anniversary of Ireland’s ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child on 28 September 1992.  Tanya Ward, Chief Executive of the Children’s Rights Alliance celebrated with children attending the award-winning Nurture Childcare Crèche in Dublin, where she took the opportunity to inform parents about the importance of updating the Constitution to better protect vulnerable children.

Tanya Ward, Alliance Chief Executive, says: “I’m delighted to be here today, reading a story that the children have chosen themselves, and to also take time to talk to their parents about why they should vote YES in the forthcoming Children’s Referendum on Saturday 10 November.  Over the last 20 years, much has changed, and we have gone some way in our journey to make Ireland one of the best places in the world to be a child.  Raising and caring for a child is one of the most important things that you can do in life and, as a mother, I’ll be voting YES because it will bring our laws in line with our values as a society, and to make sure that our own Constitution respects, protects and listens to all children.”

Lindsy Friendship, Early Childhood Educator, says: “National Children's Day celebrates children as responsible, contributing and inquisitive members of society.  This special day also recognises the important role parents play in advocating for their children to reach their full potential.  Today we are celebrating our role in listening to children, and we are delighted to be welcoming Tanya into our centre to celebrate with us.”  

Ruth Conefrey, member of Nurture’s Parents’ Representative Group, says: “As a parent of a young child, I believe it is crucial that the rights of all children in Ireland are enshrined in our Constitution to ensure the protection of our future generations.”

Tanya Ward, Chief Executive of the Children’s Rights Alliance, listed 20 years of achievements, including the:

  • creation of the Office of the Ombudsman for Children;
  • reform of our youth justice legislation; and
  • appointment of a Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, with a seat at Cabinet, and the creation of a new Department of Children and Youth Affairs, which is now overhauling the Child Protection System.

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Notes to Editor:
1. Photographs will be taken at 10am on Friday 28 September at Nurture Childcare Crèche in Dublin; photographs will be taken by Marc O’Sullivan and circulated to media.
2. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is the most ratified of all the UN treaties, with only Somalia, South Sudan and the USA failing to ratify it to date.  The USA has failed to ratify it, owing to its laws allowing children to be tried for the death penalty.
3. For more information about Nurture Childcare and Early Learning Centre see
4. For more information about the Children’s Rights Alliance and the Children’s Referendum, please go to

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