Bishops' Support for Children's Referendum Boosts YES Campaign

Published date: 
5 Nov 2012

The Children’s Rights Alliance has welcomed today’s statement by the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference on the Children’s Referendum, and believes it is a boost for the YES campaign. The Bishops ‘strongly encourage all those with the right to vote in the forthcoming referendum to do so after carefully weighing up all the important values and issues involved’. In a well-considered and thoughtful statement, the Bishops go on to say that: ‘it is clear that the wording of the proposed amendment on children is not intended to undermine the current Constitutional balance between the rights of parents and children, or between parents and the State’.

Welcoming this statement, Tanya Ward, Chief Executive of the Children’s Rights Alliance said today that:

“This is a boost for the YES campaign and is particularly important coming at a time when a small minority are doing their utmost to whip up fear and high emotions.  Baseless arguments have no place in this debate, and we welcome the Bishops statement today.  This is further evidence that this is not a radical referendum.  This is a referendum that we can all support to better protect, respect and listen to children.”


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