New Legislation on Pre-School Services Welcomed by Alliance

Published date: 
9 Aug 2013
Friday 9 August 2013: For immediate release
Press Release
 New Legislation on Pre-School Services Welcomed by Alliance
The Alliance welcomes the approval by Cabinet of the Heads of Bill for new legislation for pre-school services.
Tanya Ward, Chief Executive says: “This is an important opportunity and a substantial leap forward to ensure that children will be better protected and nurtured in early childhood care settings. The RTÉ Primetime exposé aired on our television screens last May was harrowing. At that time, the Alliance called for an urgent political response. This legislation is part of that necessary response and we welcome its approval by Cabinet.”
“In particular, we welcome the increased powers given to inspectors to issue statutory notices and orders to facilities that breach national Standards. We hope this will result in more effective implementation of the Standards. However, for this new approach to work in practice, the remit of the Inspectorate must be expanded beyond solely monitoring health and safety, and inspectors must be upskilled to focus on quality in early childhood care and education. This is vital to ensure that inspectors will be able to identify and take action on children’s rights violations. In addition, we recommend that all inspections are formally integrated with Síolta and Aistear, which set out best practice in the early years’ sector.”
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Notes to Editor:
In accordance with Article 18 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Irish State has a responsibility to develop services and facilities for the care and benefit of children. 
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