Now is Not the Time to be Complacent - Every Vote Counts

Published date: 
20 Oct 2012

Saturday 20 October 2012: For immediate release
Yes for Children, a national campaign led by Barnardos, the Children’s Rights Alliance, the ISPCC and Campaign for Children, has today warned against complacency in the upcoming children’s referendum.  The warning follows the latest opinion polls carried out by The Irish Times and the National Youth Council of Ireland.

Yes for children has welcomed the poll but has warned against complacency reiterating the need for people to turn out and vote on Election Day.

According to Tanya Ward, Chief Executive of the Children’s Rights Alliance “Yes for Children welcomes the results of The Irish Times poll, which shows strong support for the Children’s Referendum on Saturday 10 November.  However, with three weeks to go, this is not a done deal.  We are calling for a strong and robust turnout to signal loud and clear that Government needs to prioritise children”
It is now clear that a majority of Irish people believe we must do more to protect children at risk, and this referendum is the foundation for a more child centred and appropriate child protection system. However, this is only made possible by a yes vote on November 10.
Fergus Finlay, Chief Executive of Barnardos,
commented: “The Yes for Children campaign will not be complacent in these final weeks. We are committed to taking the message of why a yes vote is so important, to every city, town, and village in the country. This referendum is a historic opportunity for us all to make a positive impact on the everyday lives of vulnerable children – but we can only make this change if we get out and vote for it”.

The Yes for Children national campaign believes this referendum will:

  • provide the highest level of legal protection to vulnerable children and more support to  families;
  • allow up to 2000 children, in long-term state care, to be adopted and given a second chance at a loving, stable and permanent family;
  • ensure the best interests and views of children are part of decisions made by  child care and family law courts;  and
  • set out how we are as a country and how we value children.

Ashley Balbirnie, Chief Executive of the ISPCC,
said: “Turning a blind eye to the suffering of vulnerable children is no longer acceptable. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure we create a society where children are protected and valued, and have the right to a safe and happy childhood.”
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Notes to Editor:

1.        Yes for Children is a national campaign led by Barnardos, Children’s Rights Alliance, ISPCC and Campaign for Children calling for a YES vote in the children’s referendum. We believe that this referendum is an historic opportunity to ensure that this and future generations of children in Ireland are better protected, respected and heard.


Yes for Children