Title Date Type Authorsort descending Category
Overview of findings of 2012 children’s inspection activity: foster care and children’s residential services 25 Jul 2013 Submissions and Reports Health Information and Quality Authority Children in Care
Citizenship and Free Movement and Children's EU Rights 13 Dec 2013 Conference Proceedings Hilkka Becker Legislation and the Courts
ICCL - Protecting Children and Respecting the Rule of Law 6 May 2009 Submissions and Reports Irish Council for Civil Liberties Child Protection, Irish Constitution
Government Press Release n the publication of 28th Amendment of the Constitution Bill 2007 19 Feb 2007 Press Materials Irish Government Irish Constitution
Ireland's Second Report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child 30 Jun 2005 Submissions and Reports Irish Government UN Convention and Children's Rights
THIRTY-FIRST AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION (CHILDREN) BILL 2012 18 Sep 2012 Submissions and Reports Irish Government Irish Constitution
Young offenders' capacity for rehabilitation is being undermined by imprisonment in St Patrick's Institution and urgent action is required to minimize the damage 9 Feb 2011 Press Materials Irish Penal Reform Trust Youth Justice
Irish Refugee Council report: State Sanctioned Child Poverty and Exclusion - The case of children in state accommodation for asylum seekers 18 Sep 2012 Submissions and Reports Irish Refugee Council Asylum and Immigration
MP Pays bond for release of Irish Child 4 Sep 2003 Press Materials Irish Times Asylum and Immigration
Residents of Limbo: Immigrants families with Irish-Born Children await possible deportation 2 Jun 2003 Press Materials Irish Times Asylum and Immigration