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System change started but many children still out in the cold 25 Feb 2014 Press Materials Children's Rights Alliance Alcohol and Substance Misuse, Asylum and Immigration, Child Protection, Children in Care, Disability, Education, Equality and Non-Discrimination, Family, Health and Well-Being, Housing, Irish Constitution, Legislation and the Courts, Minority Children, Office of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Participation, Play and Recreation, Poverty, Travellers, UN Convention and Children's Rights, Youth Justice
Tackling Poverty and Inequality must be the priority in Ireland’s Recovery 15 Jul 2015 Press Materials Communty and Voluntary Pillar Poverty
Taking action to fight child poverty and to promote child well-being 11 Apr 2013 Submissions and Reports Eurochild Poverty
Tanya Ward Discusses Report Card 2015 Findings 23 Feb 2015 Audio and Video -
Tanya Ward discusses the need for adequate resources for the Child & Family Agency 7 Jul 2014 Audio and Video - Office of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs
Tanya Ward on Children in State Care on RTE Radio 1 Drivetime 26 Aug 2014 Audio and Video - Child Protection, Children in Care
Tanya Ward on Children's Personal Data on the Garda Pulse System 12 Nov 2014 Audio and Video - Youth Justice
Tanya Ward on Free GP Care for Under-6s on RTE Radio 1 Morning Ireland 13 Apr 2015 Audio and Video - Health and Well-Being
Tanya Ward on Newstalk The Right Hook: The Children and Family Relationships Bill 2015 21 Jan 2015 Audio and Video - Family, Legislation and the Courts
Tanya Ward on Newstalk's The Sunday Show 4 Nov 2012 Audio and Video - Irish Constitution