Title Date Type Author Category
Press Release: HSE Review Exposes Failings in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services 26 Jan 2022 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: “Online Safety Bill can open the window to a safer online world for children but will require serious political will and action to do so,” say children’s campaign group 12 Jan 2022 Press Materials -
Press statement on SILC Poverty Statistics 17 Dec 2021 Press Materials - Poverty
PRESS RELEASE: Ireland is well placed to lead the way in best practices for safeguarding children and young people online and promoting digital rights 26 Nov 2021 Press Materials -
Children’s Rights Alliance Statement on Facemasks for Children Over 9 Years 26 Nov 2021 Press Materials - Education
Press Release: ‘Media Committee Report a critical voice in determining whether the Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill will fulfil its potential says Children’s Rights Alliance’ 2 Nov 2021 Press Materials -
Press Release: Irish public send clear message to Government – do not shy away from regulating social media and big tech 16 Oct 2021 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: “If we do not resource our Gardaí to do this work, we are willingly turning a blind eye to one of the worst harms that can happen to a child” 13 Oct 2021 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: Some relief for families in Budget 2022 but more could have been done for the poorest children 12 Oct 2021 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: Budget 2022 must show firm commitment to tackling child poverty 8 Oct 2021 Press Materials -