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Legal Aid Board Must Reverse its Decision or Children’s Constitutional Rights will Suffer 27 Jul 2017 Press Materials - Legislation and the Courts
PRESS RELEASE: The prioritisation of mental health supports in primary schools will help ease strain on mental health services in the long-run 31 May 2023 Press Materials -
Press Release: Children’s Rights Alliance calls for independent advocacy service for children accessing mental health services 27 Jan 2022 Press Materials -
ISPCC and Children’s Rights Alliance launch results of survey which shows that 57% of adults would support a ban on slapping 6 Feb 2014 Press Materials - Child Protection
Leading Children's Charities Demand Increase in Direct Provision Child Payment 16 Dec 2015 Press Materials - Asylum and Immigration
PRESS RELEASE: Children’s groups welcome news that primary children with special educational needs will be supported to return to school from next week 14 Jan 2021 Press Materials -
Press Release: Children’s Rights Alliance welcomes announcement that Department of Children and Youth Affairs will be retained in the new Government 27 Jun 2020 Press Materials -
CSO Survey Shows Biggest Drop in Consistent Poverty Since Recession 17 Dec 2018 Press Materials -
Government target to lift children out of poverty 17 Jan 2019 Press Materials - Poverty
National Children’s Charities Reunite Five Years after Children’s Referendum 10 Nov 2017 Press Materials - Irish Constitution, Legislation and the Courts