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PRESS RELEASE: Immediate investigation needed to ensure cases of the exploitation of vulnerable children are escalated 22 Jun 2023 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: Individual complaints mechanism needed to protect children and young people online 12 Jul 2021 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: Innovative National Policy Framework commits to tackling childhood obesity and food poverty 16 Apr 2014 Press Materials Children's Rights Alliance Health and Well-Being
PRESS RELEASE: Investment in early years is the single most valuable investment we can make to break the cycle of poverty for children say Children’s Rights Alliance 14 Sep 2022 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: Ireland is well placed to lead the way in best practices for safeguarding children and young people online and promoting digital rights 26 Nov 2021 Press Materials -
Press Release: Irish public send clear message to Government – do not shy away from regulating social media and big tech 16 Oct 2021 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: It is not the parent’s job to offset childcare costs, it is the job of the new Government – Coalition speak out against new plans for childcare in government negotiations 29 May 2020 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: Job not done for Government as new Covid-19 restrictions leave many children, young people and their families in serious need of support 6 Jan 2021 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: Justice Committee - Children have a Right to Access Information Concerning their Genetic Identity 30 May 2014 Press Materials - Legislation and the Courts
PRESS RELEASE: Latest CSO figures demonstrate the growing need for a national action plan to reduce child poverty 29 Nov 2019 Press Materials -