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PRESS RELEASE: New #ChildrensFuturesIRL campaign focuses on children’s right to an adequate education 17 Feb 2021 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: Mother and Baby Homes Commission Report sheds light on the darkest days of Ireland’s past 12 Jan 2021 Press Materials -
Press Release: Minister has an opportunity to review and reform how children with disabilities are treated in this State – Children’s Rights Alliance 26 Mar 2021 Press Materials -
Press Release: Minister Andrews hopes constitutional reform will be “lasting legacy” of the Convention in Ireland 20 Nov 2010 Press Materials Children's Rights Alliance Irish Constitution, UN Convention and Children's Rights
PRESS RELEASE: Measures Needed Now for Disadvantaged Students and Children with Special Needs and Urgent Plan Needed to Open Schools on 1 February 2021 8 Jan 2021 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: Latest CSO figures demonstrate the growing need for a national action plan to reduce child poverty 29 Nov 2019 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: Justice Committee - Children have a Right to Access Information Concerning their Genetic Identity 30 May 2014 Press Materials - Legislation and the Courts
PRESS RELEASE: Job not done for Government as new Covid-19 restrictions leave many children, young people and their families in serious need of support 6 Jan 2021 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: It is not the parent’s job to offset childcare costs, it is the job of the new Government – Coalition speak out against new plans for childcare in government negotiations 29 May 2020 Press Materials -
Press Release: Irish public send clear message to Government – do not shy away from regulating social media and big tech 16 Oct 2021 Press Materials -