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Press Release: Government's far-reaching reform puts children at centre of family law 10 Apr 2014 Press Materials Children's Rights Alliance Family, Legislation and the Courts
PRESS RELEASE: Government must take action to support children and young people failed by mainstream education 9 Mar 2022 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: Government must ensure the children and families are not in freefall – says Children’s Rights Alliance at conference on the White Paper to End Direct Provision 6 Dec 2022 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: Government Must Act on Findings of Child Care Law Reporting Project 29 Jan 2018 Press Materials - Children in Care
Press release: Garda Audit reveals child protection failings at the front line 29 May 2017 Press Materials - Child Protection
Press Release: Family Law and Education top the list of issues coming to Children’s Rights Alliance Helpline for second year running 28 Jul 2020 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: Crèches that Repeatedly Flout Regulations Should be Closed - Children’s Rights Alliance 25 Jul 2019 Press Materials -
Press Release: Covid 19 runs the risk of plunging thousands more families into poverty 30 Sep 2020 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: Concerned groups call for further investment in childcare scheme to support lone parent and low income families 30 Sep 2019 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: Children’s Rights Alliance welcomes Review of Out of School Education Provision and urges Department to act on recommendations without delay 12 May 2022 Press Materials -