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PRESS RELEASE: White Paper marks the beginning of the end for the direct provision system 26 Feb 2021 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: It is not the parent’s job to offset childcare costs, it is the job of the new Government – Coalition speak out against new plans for childcare in government negotiations 29 May 2020 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE Children’s Rights Alliance calls for National Educational Disadvantage Plan to close gap for disadvantaged children and young people 22 Jul 2020 Press Materials -
Children’s Rights Alliance welcomes changes to the Adoption (Amendment) Bill 2 Dec 2016 Press Materials - Child Protection
Family Courts Failing Children, Warns Special Rapporteur on Child Protection 18 Dec 2018 Press Materials - Child Protection
PRESS RELEASE: Use of 'Single Separation' Must be Last Resort for Children in Oberstown 3 Aug 2017 Press Materials - Youth Justice
Supreme Court Upholds the Will of the People on the Children’s Referendum 24 Apr 2015 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: Children’s Rights Alliance - If Ireland wants to be a leader in the movement to make the online world safer, now is the time to act 31 May 2022 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: The Children’s Rights Alliance welcomes the comprehensive report published today by the Office of the Ombudsman for Children (OCO) 27 Apr 2021 Press Materials -
PRESS RELEASE: Children must be a Priority in New Government White Paper on Ending Direct Provision 21 Oct 2020 Press Materials -