A Stone for Action Against Poverty

Published date: 
24 Oct 2008


Today’s UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, organised by the ATD Fourth World, and the unveiling of Stuart McGrath’s World Poverty Commemorative Stone, could not come at a more relevant or more poignant time, following the careless cuts in Budget 2009. Minister for Finance, Brian Lenihan TD’s first budget, will, without question, drive more and more children into poverty.

"The Children’s Rights Alliance today stands in solidarity with the 17th October Group, and its partners, and reaffirms its commitment to work with others in the NGO sector to advocate for the eradication of poverty in Ireland.

Budget 2009 did not support those who are most vulnerable, those who are already living in poverty. Budget 2009 did not support those families on low incomes - the 1% levy will be a hit significant enough to topple some families below the poverty line. One in nine children already lives in consistent poverty. Almost 1 in 4 is already at risk of poverty in Ireland. Budget 2009 has condemned many more families to live in poverty. Poverty is a dead weight that has already dragged far too many Irish families into darkness and despair – today is about coming together and saying enough is enough."

Jillian van Turnhout

Chief Executive

Children's Rights Alliance

Children's Rights Alliance