Supreme Court Upholds the Will of the People on the Children’s Referendum

Published date: 
24 Apr 2015
Press Release: Immediate Release 

Supreme Court Upholds the Will of the People on the Children's Referendum 

The Children’s Rights Alliance today warmly welcomed the Supreme Court’s judgment which rejected the Jordan appeal and upheld the result of the 2012 Children’s Referendum on the Thirty-first Amendment to the Constitution on Children.
Tanya Ward, Chief Executive of the Children’s Rights Alliance said that: 
“Today is hugely significant. The Supreme Court has cleared the way for the will of the People to be upheld in relation to the 2012 Children’s Referendum. Over one million people came out to vote in the 2012 Children’s Referendum. Today’s judgment means their voices can finally now be heard and the positive changes they voted for can become a reality. It has taken two and a half years to conclude the Jordan case, during that time children and families have been anxiously awaiting this verdict. For many hundreds of children in long term foster care today’s judgment opens the way for them to finally find a permanent and secure family through adoption by their foster parents. 
Today marks the beginning of a new era for children’s rights. Under Article 42A(1) of the amendment the State recognises that children have natural and imprescriptible rights which it must protect. This provision will open up the possibility of a new line of jurisprudence on children’s rights from the Superior Courts. It is now imperative that the judiciary and legal professionals are supported to undergo studies on the interpretation of the amendment in line with international best practice. 
Children have waited for two and a half years for their rights to be recognised. Departmental and elected officials now need to urgently prioritise the enactment of comprehensive legislation to bring the amendment to life within our law. The Children’s Rights Alliance, along with its member organisations and the Yes for Children campaign, advocated for a YES vote and will continue to work towards the full realisation of the rights contained in the Children’s Amendment.”
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