Survey: How Covid-19 has affected your organisation

Published date: 
Monday, February 8, 2021

Charities are experiencing huge pressures as a result of Covid-19 – whether in terms of their access to funding, their ability to deliver for their service users or beneficiaries, their role as employers.

Our need for relevant, current evidence of these impacts will become even greater this year, with charities competing with other sectors in the economy for public recognition and State support. 

Join other Irish charities in helping to quantify and describe how Covid-19 has affected your organisation, by taking the time to complete this short survey. The findings will contribute to a special report on charities and COVID-19 to be published by Benefacts in April.

Please click the following link to complete the survey:

This project is supported by Carmichael, Charities Institute Ireland, Children’s Rights Alliance, Dóchas, Irish Council for Social Housing, Irish Local Development Network, the Wheel and others.